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Whether you're interested in an investment, a holiday property or one for permanent living, Sol Terra Developers builds and sells a wide range of apartments and villas all over Cyprus, offering you the opportunity to choose from off-plan to ready to move-in properties.

Sol Terra Developers specializes in premium locations on or near the beach, offering superior quality at competitive prices for all budgets, from 50,000 to over a million.

Solterra Developers is a strong and dynamic company with lots of experience in the field of construction and property development. Our projects are not only the biggest in size and scale, but also of the best quality. We are the area's industry leader in terms of professionalism and pledge to offer you a top investment where you can also enjoy your holiday's, extended Cyprus stays or retirement.

All our locations are carefully chosen for their investment potential. We have a clear preference for locations within walking distance from the sea, as we consider that land more scarce and speculate that it will continue to appreciate considerably faster than inland locations. You should expect a property on or near the beach to be more expensive; yet by appreciating at double the average of in land location, it becomes a much better value.

Rather than building at cheap areas now and sell cheaply (which can benefit both of us in the short run but neither of us in the long run), we prefer to choose the best locations in terms of their investment potential, even though the final selling price will have to be higher.

Our commitment to superior customer service and uncompromised quality also means that we will offer some very competitive prices without necessarily matching the lowest price available for a cheaper location by a competitor company. Simply put, you’ll get what you pay for.

We pledge to give you luxury inside your villa or flat, high grade building material and finishes, attention to detail and personalized service. If you are serious about buying property in Cyprus, we hope that you contact us to see what we have to offer.