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 Once you have decided to buy a property in Cyprus you will like to know everything about Cyprus real estates.

 At this stage you definitely may face a number of questions, like:
- Do I need to make a will in Cyprus?
- In whose name should I be buying Cyprus properties?
- If i buy a piece of land - what can I build on it?
- Should I agree on these conditions, etc...?

 Before you will start buying Cyprus properties you are recommended to turn to a reputable lawyer who will be able to give the right answer at the right time.
Browsing through our site you can find asnwers to lots of questions related to buying Cyprus properties. If you have more questions we are happy to answer them to you. To make life easier we have recorded the most commonly asked questions that are good to be used as a starting point.
Some of the information in this section has been supplied by third parties, and Sol Terra Developers cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Professional advice should always be sought at the time of purchase.